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Pigeon impossible

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Github pages

Github repository

Hexagonal board for printing

Tablero de C'escacs

Hexagonal board to print.

Some hexagonal boards and special pieces

One of my sets

Dragon and Elephants pieces from China.

One of my sets
Atlas (used as elephants), Poseidon (used as Wyvern) and Pegasus pieces from
Marinakis Brothers
One of my sets
Wood hand made pieces, made from other chess pieces.

Bobby Fischer about chess variants and chess openings

Bobby Fischer on Paul Morphy and how opening theory destroyed chess.

Well, I have to start by saying that I am sure that Bobby Fischer knows the Capablanca variant perfectly well, even though it may seem that he does not in the references he makes, but he probably does this consciously, since his intention is to refer in general to chess variants.

But yes, it is absolutely true that anyone who knows how complex chess can be can be intimidated by a variant like C'escacs. The advice, if someone feels intimidated by hexagonal chess variants, is to start by trying the Mini Hexchess, a small toy that allows you to lose your fear of hexagonal geometry.

Mini Hexchess

Mini Hexchess

Dave McCooey Mini Hexchess.

Hexagonal Grids

Endgames analysis, by Dave McCooey

Endgames on 91 hexes boards (Gliński/McCooey)

Hexagonal chess endgames were first studied by Władysław Gliński, and have subsequently been studied in depth by Dave McCooey with a computer. The results apply to both Gliński's and McCooey's chess.

Enlargement for endgames on 169 hexes board (C'escacs)

For the new pieces incorporated in C'escacs (Dragon and Pegasus)

javascript for playing C'escacs

There is a javascript C'escacs game display. It does only display moves on the screen, allowing only valid moves. It is also a place for saving and loading the game moves.

The Grand C'escacs variant available in the game play

There is a variant Grand C'escacs, also named there as Grand Hunigcamb Chess, which is an experimental variant I've used for doing some proves, but it has not been real game proved.

From Minimax using Alfa-Beta pruning to Montecarlo search with neural networks

Pigeon impossible

Sorry, this article is not yet translated.

Deepmind: AlphaZero and MuZero

d'AlphaGo a MuZero
From AlphaGo to MuZero

Some AlphaZero against Stockfish matches:

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