Hexagonal Chess with 169 hexes

C'escacs is a Capablanca's variant of the Glinski's Hexagonal Chess.

Introducing Lions (Centaur): C'escacs-L Variant

When you play C'escacs in a public place is inevitable the question from one of the onlookers to see the the initial setup... What about the two holes that remain? The answer now is: You put two Centaurs, if you dare ...

C'escacs-L Setup

The Lion (Centaur) is a very powerful piece, a Prince-Knight compound (we name Prince a non royal King) allowing a very interesting development of the game, although I must admit that I have just tried focusing my attention on the main line that already has enough options for itself.

Lion moves

I choose the name Lion because all Knight moving pieces are shaped like (mythological) animals on C'escacs. Lion has some mythological approach and has some kind of royalty… The non royal King usually is named Man, and then the Man-Knight compound is named Centaur, but I like better the name Prince for the non royal King; It is a powerful piece, and the name Man seems to relegate it to a lower class than Bishops or Knights. So, an animal to symbolize a Prince...

I'm sorry because the name Lion is used on some shogi variants and on fairy chess problems in another sense, but it seemed so obvious and appropriate name to me that I could not resist using it, although I see no problem in using the name of Centaur.

Ah yes, there was a Prince on the first versions of C'escacs, but it proved too powerful and too slow also.

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