Hexagonal Chess with 169 hexes

C'escacs is a Capablanca's variant of the Glinski's Hexagonal Chess.

The board

The board has 169 boxes in three different colors, white, black and an additional color, reserving color for central hex and placing the board so (*) that position the white pieces king and queen in white hexes and the player of the black pieces in black.

*Note that if you book the "color" to the central hexes the alternation of colors is different than the used for the board of 91 hexes Glinski chess.


The array is as follows:

Disposición inicial de las piezas

Unlike Glinski's hexagonal chess only Pawns and jumping pieces can move initially (Almogavars can jump and also move diagonally), except for movements insignificant that the King, Queen and one of the Bishops can do to the adjacent hex. Initially any pieces are defended.

I've used Alfarie Variant Chess Grafics, and the Minister piece symbol for Almogavar.

Numbering of hexes

The numbering is necessary for annotation, but not required knowledge to use C'escacs as a salon game.

Recall that the board is directional, with places for White and Black committed (the board is not symmetrical). Columns are labeled starting from the left column of the white; the first two columns are called x,y, then the central columns a...h,i,k,l, corresponding the f to the central one. Note that j is not used. The last two columns to the right are called t,z.

This column name suggested by Dave McCooey matches the name of the central columns with the Glinski's hexagonal chess standard and with Dave McCooey's hexagonal chess, so that f allways matches with central column.

For files named "files" instead of "rows", as they are not perpendicular to columns numbering from 1 to 15 is used, so that the 1 is the white side first left file, and then clockwise.

I's shown on C'escacs full board image.

Board to print

Board to print on DIN-A4

To construct the board can be printed as 8 pictures in DIN-A4: Board to print on DIN-A4.

To print the files it is best to use a printer with borderless printing, photographic paper.

C'escacs full board image

The full board image: C'escacs board.

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